Afraid of fat actress top-secret diet

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Afraid of fat actress top-secret diet
In the entertainment circle, with very mixed in, everybody's most afraid of is getting too fat, and keep the figure is each star's revolution goals.
A recruit: eat more fiber food

Characteristics: to diet and exercise is very positive, balance is the key to success.

Suggestion: because the digestive system fragile, so want to eat more fiber-rich foods, to safety easy thin body

First day: breakfast a single tangerine, 1/2 cup skim milk oatmeal, five grape to dry. Lunch a cup of soup, four soda bread, and a cup of fruit salad. A single roast potatoes for dinner with butter, a glass of boiled cabbage, an apple, single almond.

Next: breakfast 1/2 cup stewed beans, a boiled egg and a British muffins. Lunch by kiwi, strawberry, banana constitute fruit platter, a slice of cheese, a glass of spinach. Dinner a cup of rice, 1 cup Fried green vegetables, a glass of popcorn and carrot researchers.

Day 3: breakfast a glass of skim milk of oatmeal. Lunch a spinach salad, a single a boiled egg and a piece of bacon. Dinner a spaghetti, salad, an ounce of salty biscuit, a single pears.
The second recruit: spinach blows hardboiled Arnold

Characteristics: advocating food, wine, because indulge and hard to lose weight, but to look good, and eventually will still choose to go on a diet.

Suggestion: iron food can help burn calories

First day: breakfast six ounces grapefruit juice, a planet boiled eggs, half of British muffins with cream. Lunch four ounces cold roast beef with a points filaments. The cabbages were Dinner cooked chicken breast and a water two cups of spinach, a cup of fruit salad, one cup of yogurt.

Next: breakfast a cup of hami melon, a slice of cheese, four rye cookies.Casio Watches|halloween costumes manufacturers|Cheap Soccer jerseys|bag making machine Lunch shrimp salad. Dinner four ounces of roast beef string match on grilled Onions, green peppers and mushrooms, a cup of rice, 1 cup low-fat yogurt, two big apricot.

Day 3: breakfast six ounces tangerine juice, a bacon, half of roast bei fruit with butter. Lunch a clam Li spaghetti and salad. Dinner six ounces grilled fish, a portion of asparagus, nun six-mallet salads, a cheese, a single pears.
Three recruit: low card sweets to a guest

Characteristics: attention to nutrition, like sweets and cooking, want to rely on food to diet.

Advice: be sure to choose low card sweets

First day: a French toast for breakfast with low card syrup and a cup of blueberries. One point spinach seafood salad for lunch. Dinner cheese eggplant, 1/2 cup low-fat ice-cream add strawberry.

Next: breakfast a piece of bread and butter to be praised a single tangerine.mac cosmetics wholesale|mac mascara|cheap baseball jerseys Four ounces tuna salad for lunch with tomatoes and cucumbers. Dinner six ounces flounder, a cup of cooked carrot roast small salad, 1 cup, low-fat lemon pudding, single green grapes.

Day 3: breakfast six ounces tangerine juice, a boiled egg and a British muffins. Lunch shrimp salad and soda bread. Dinner four ounces fish row, six ounces grilled lobster tail, 1/2 cup rice, a points salad, a slice of cheese, an apple.


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